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Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home for Good

Mar 18, 2024 | Pet Urine Odor & Stain Removal

Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home for Good

While loving your pets are wonderful, you wouldn’t want visitors to detect their presence solely by the scent in your home. It can be disheartening to realize you’ve grown accustomed to your home’s pet odors while guests notice them immediately. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure persistent pet smells. The primary source of the odor likely resides in your carpets, particularly if your pets exhibit territorial behavior or accidents. Our expert carpet cleaners in Sioux Falls employ a specialized method to combat these stubborn odors, ensuring your carpets look pristine and your home exudes a fresh, clean fragrance.

How to Avoid Pet Odors in Your Home

To effectively eliminate pet odors at home, prevention is key. Maintain your pet’s grooming regularly and prevent them from wandering when wet or dirty. Ensure you take your dogs out frequently and keep litter boxes clean to prevent mishaps.

Regularly vacuuming your carpet and upholstered furniture helps remove loose fur and dander, reducing lingering odors. Stay consistent with cleaning routines and promptly address accidents. Use a clean, white cloth to absorb fresh urine and contact our carpet cleaning experts in Sioux Falls, SD promptly.

How Our Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove Odors

There’s a reason we recommend calling our carpet cleaners instead of attempting to remove urine stains and odors yourself, and that’s because at Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls, we pride ourselves on our ability to remove odors from the source. We don’t just mask them the way some other cleaning products do, leaving you with a carpet that smells like flowery pee. You can rely on our specialty P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) service to remove 99.9% of urine odors* and do away with ugly stains in a manner that is gentle on delicate carpet fibers and safe for use in homes with pets.

Our professional carpet cleaners in Sioux Falls remove pet smells and stains in three simple steps:


Pet accidents are seldom isolated incidents. A single visible urine stain often hints at more concealed ones. Since spotting urine stains can be challenging, we utilize ultraviolet light to inspect your carpet thoroughly. This method helps us identify the precise locations of pet urine.

Treatment Application

After identifying the origin of pet odors, we focus on these areas using our P.U.R.T. process. This treatment effectively eliminates the odor-causing molecules by reaching deep into the carpet backing. This is crucial as urine crystals can escape regular vacuuming and standard carpet cleaning methods.

Hot Carbonating Extraction

We’ll finish off the cleaning process using our unique carpet cleaning system, which is called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). Through the natural power of carbonation, this process gets rid of deeply embedded soil and lifts any remaining waste from the carpet for swift removal.

Why You Can Trust Our Professional Carpet Cleaners to Get Rid of Pet Smells

We know how important it is for homeowners to have a clean living space that doesn’t stink. To ensure our P.U.R.T. process is effective at getting rid of pet smells, we have had it studied by an independent laboratory. The study found that, on average, P.U.R.T. gets rid of 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. These results were achieved based on tests using the most common odor sources present in dog and cat urine. After the P.U.R.T. process, these stubborn compounds were almost entirely removed from the tested samples of carpet.

Could you benefit from our professional carpet cleaners in Sioux Falls to remove pet smells from your carpet? Give Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls a call at (605) 332-1551 today to book your appointment and take the first step towards a cleaner, better smelling carpet!

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