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“My overall feeling is excellent. Carpets look and feel clean and drying time is minimal. The other cleaners leave the carpet soaked for hours and sometimes days.”

Jan M.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Staff was great showed up right when they said they would. He did a great job and it was obvious he really cared about his job and that it was done well and right. I am so happy with my results, my carpet feels and smells so good after the cleaning, sanitize, and stain prevention. I highly recommend and will be using them again for sure!”

Aana S.

“With two large dogs, who have their own door to outside, my carpets get trashed. The carpets always clean up wonderfully. I had heart surgery and was out of my house for some time. The dogs ran through with their dirty feet daily. I really didn’t think the carpets would ever be clean again. Wrong! With your protector they cleaned up super.”

Carole P.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Chem-Dry did a wonderful job on our carpet and rugs throughout our home! They were also able to get a green marker stain out of one of our rugs that I was sure wouldn’t come out. They were very friendly, prompt and easy to work with. Thank you!”

Holly J.

“Excellent, that’s why I’m always recommending you to my friends. One time I had to have you come back on a stain, there was no problem with that and he did a great job. One of your best assets is your personnel. They’ve all been friendly and very efficient.”

Sharon R.

Sioux Falls, SD

“We have been using this company for many years. I love the fact that the same guy comes every time we have had them clean our carpets. I think that says something when a business can keep their employees with them for a long time! They’re great!”

Jeff C.

“Excellent and through, complete job was done at our home. The technician was on time , he was very professional in his work. Care was taken with the home.The furniture that had been cleaned looks new and the carpet has never looked this good except when it was new. I appreciate the fast drying time, we were able to have our house in order in just two hours after the technician left. I also use the correct spot remover from Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls from now on.”

Semier A.

Sioux Falls, SD

“We purchased a home in August of 2016 and called Chem-Dry to clean the carpets in our large master suite and small downstairs bedroom. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with how quickly our carpets dried and how clean they looked. It was like they were brought to life! I have terrible reactions to chemicals, but with Chem-Dry’s Natural Products, I didn’t have any issues with the carpets. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to use Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls to clean our carpets.”

Annamarie J.

“Our carpets were looking pretty dingy. Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls said that they could make them look a lot better and sure enough old stains and reappearing stains were gone and didn’t come back like they had with other cleaners. The carpets also remained fresher and newer looking a lot longer between cleanings. We’ve been able to maintain the carpet and forgo replacing for a couple more years witch is saving us a lot of money and hassle.”

Katie F.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls did an excellent job. If you want your carpet cleaned by a professional company, Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls is who you should call. They actually clean the carpet and not just get it wet!”

Jeff M.

“Very friendly, timely, cost efficient. The “No Brainer” program was recommended to us by the staff and it really saves us money. I love the spray can cleaner we can use between visits.”

Sandy J.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Chem-Dry cleaned the carpets of our small medical office and they did a phenomenal job! We had another company in previous, and after washing our carpets TWICE, we were left with large streaks and spots. That company told us that our carpet was too far gone to see any improvement. Chem-Dry came in, and after one cleaning, our carpets look like new again!

The staff is great as well. Lee is very helpful and the man who worked on our carpet was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain what he was going to do. Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

Corey T.

“Your service was excellent. You arrived on time, finished the job before anticipated time. Everything was clean & in great shape when we arrived the next morning. You were willing to have employees clean our carpets in the evening after we had closed and they were finished when we returned the next morning. This type of flexibility sets you parts from your competition. Professional care and concern for our time constraints. The job was done without ANY interruption of our daily work.”

Brandt B.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Friendly, Professional. I had a set of amount of square feet that could be cleaned with a special. The original area I wanted cleaned wasn’t quite big, so the technician cleaned another area to be fair. I appreciate the honesty of workmanship.”

Larry K.

Sioux Falls, SD

“Very reputable and very satisfied. It had been over four years since our carpets have been cleaned, how they needed it. Even the toughest set in spots came out. I was happy with Mike’s explanation of how things would be done and what to expect to see afterwards. Thanks. The two times out to the house were both delayed but Amy promptly called us to fill us in on the happenings which is a small but appreciated part of service.”

Adam S.

Tea, SD

“Excellent professional staff, work very hard to get every stain out. Carpets stay looking cleaner than other carpet cleaners. When the staff came back out to re-treat a problem stain. Cleaner carpets, smell great.”

Kathy J.

Canton, SD

“Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls was on time and did an awesome job on cleaning my carpets and getting all the stains out and the house smells wonderful.”

Jim A.

“Your cleaning systems is the best. The carpets are always clean and they dry fast and I don’t have to vacuum after you leave. Other carpet cleaners, I had to dry the carpet for days and then vacuum. I am happy with the fact that everything is vacuumed before they start. Also the way they get all the tough spots out. They literally look new when you are done. The carpets stay clean for months without spots showing up again. The cleaner you give us to use after you leave, it works great!”

Jerry W.

Sioux Falls, SD

“When I think of Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls, many adjectives come to mind, such as reliable, trustworthy, good value for the money. And that’s really exceptional for a service company. They show up when they say they will. Our carpet looks great and our house even smells cleaner. Even though we have a Kirby that’ll clean carpets, we just don’t seem to get it done. Our carpets will last longer if we keep them professionally cleaned.”

Gary S.

Sioux Falls, SD

“We called four days ago, they quoted me over the phone and scheduled me immediately. Matt, the technician was very personable and did a very thorough job. I’d recommend services to any family and friends. I will use their services again in the future. Thank You!”

Louie H.

“Chem-Dry of Sioux Falls does an excellent job. Carpets are clean and spots removed. On two occasions you were able to fit in a job on Saturday. Than you. Good value for the money. Trustworthy employees. Personal contact with Lee. Amy is always pleasant on the phone and does her best to to schedule.”

Manna Ministry Center

Sioux Falls, SD

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